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The joy of CPA VIETNAM’s staff is entitled to buy Anti-Covid 19 insurance

In the increasingly complicated situation of Covid-19 pandemic, with the specific nature of the audit profession during this peak season, Mr. Nguyen Phu Ha - Chairman of the Board of Members of CPA Vietnam Auditing Company Limited decided to buy the Anti-Covid insurance package of Post and Telecommunication Joint Stock Insurance Corporation (PTI) for all employees of the Company starting from March 26, 2020.

With the Anti - Covid insurance package, participants will receive a hospitalization allowance of VND 5 million if they are unfortunately positive with corona virus. This insurance is valid for 6 months.

The Company always identifies employees as its most valuable assets. Although this is a small gift, this shows the timely attention and encouragement of the Board of Management for each employee in the especially difficult context. The more difficult, the more judicious, united and shared. This is an action in line with the Company's development orientation in welfare policies for the employees.

Upon receiving this insurance package, the Company’s employees were very touched, happy and more secure at work. Many employees shared that in the common difficult situation, many other companies have to cut salaries and lay off employees, the Company’s employees still receive meaningful attention from the Board of Management. This has promoted the solidarity, understanding and attachment of the Company’s all members.

In order to protect the health of all employees and customers, in addition to the insurance package, at the beginning of the pandemic, CPA VIETNAM equipped with face masks, antiseptic water, and simultaneously directed, guided, propagandized each staff to take measures to prevent and control the Covid 19 pandemic such as requiring people always to wash their hands and to wear face masks in interaction and talk with each other. The initiative and unity of CPA VIETNAM in the precaution has contributed to effective pandemic prevention and control in the community.

At this time, CPA VIETNAM focuses on internal training activities to improve the professional skills of the departments. Preparation for a good health, a strong mentality and an elite in work is extremely necessary for a new period with many difficulties and challenges. CPA VIETNAM's Board of Management will always stand by, accompany and protect its staff in all circumstances and be ready to participate in repulsing the pandemic and firmly move forward.

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